Oct 3, 2013

My Pretties

I have been working on so many new products that I really have a hard time blogging about them before they are snatched up.  Thought that today I would show you some "pretties" that now have found homes among the shoppers at this past weekends Penelope Lane Boutique.
This mini globe was so much fun to create.  I loved the colors that I ended up painting the base and the selvage edges of course are gorgeous!!  This darling is gone gone gone.

These hair goodies were snatched up also this past weekend and they were the only ones I made so you will see some more of these in the next markets.

This lovely rag wreath was available at Vintage Soul in Solana Beach. 
 I think its a gone already as well though.

Another thing I have been working on is getting the porch of the "Craft Shack" presentable.
I've added some little touches of paint to a couple of step ladders and they really add a pop of color to the porch.  I finally finished my curtain out of vintage hankies and you can see it on my door.  A few hanging plants and my porch is ready to roll.

Isn't my porch just so cute?!?

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