Jul 27, 2012

Thrifty Goodness

I was able to do a bit of Thrift store shopping the other day and oh my goodness what treasures did I find!! 
I took a few photos of some of the items I brought home.  Many of them are already marked and ready to go to market (the vintage marketplace that is) and some are going to my booth in Granny's attic.  While others I'm hoarding and keeping all to myself (insert evil chuckle).
How gorgeous are the shutters!  Plus I'm madly in love with globes so of course I snatched up another one.  This one needs some loving so I'll probably be recreating it somehow.

Another thermos...can never have enough of these bad boys.

What I love about thrifty shopping is you never know what to expect.  There's an element of suspense for you don't know what treasures someone donated and of course there's always so much fun shifting through the junk searching for the prize.  Like a cracker jack box!

Plus I found 3 artichoke plates!!!  My mom has four of the same set so I'll be gifting them to her.  Now everyone can enjoy artichokes at the same time (except of course those in the family that despise artichokes).

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  1. love that globe! the ones i see are never muted enough for my liking. those shutters create the perfect barrier screen for anything!

  2. Love thrifting!! Always tell the kids I'm going "treasure hunting". Looks like some fun finds for your outing.