May 22, 2015

Day Tripping

As a mom of two very active boys I am constantly trying to fill up those extra hours in the day. However I don't have an excess of "fun money" so these little expeditions need to be on the frugal side.   Yesterday my kiddos had a half day at school so it was a perfect day for a little extra activity. 

First we went to the local Berry farm to pick our own berries. The Temecula Berry Company is the ideal Berry farm, clean and well maintained. The boys immediately grabbed buckets and set about filling them. 

After spending about 20 minutes picking blueberries we headed to the weigh station and purchased our berries. We also grabbed a jar of blueberry jam. 

Now it was onto our next stop. The Little Free Library #22195 located on puffin street in Temecula. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of quality books inside this adorable lighthouse library. 

If you've never heard of a Little Free Library then you need to head over to their website and take a gander. The little free library concept is just wonderful. You take a book and leave a book. 

The boys went home with these books and comics. We left quite a few children's books that we'd grown bored with. 

All in all this little venture cost us all of $11 (a pint of blueberries and a jar of jam).  If you don't have a local Berry farm you can also look for Apple farms or strawberry patches nearby. 

What kind of inexpensive activities have you ventured out to do?

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  1. Our Get-Along followed your advise and picked blueberries. It was so much fun and we had tasty treats throughout the weekend. Gosh, I had no idea blueberries were so sweet.

    Thank you for the great day trip idea.