Jan 7, 2014

New Year...old struggles

Happy New Year!

As I start out this fresh year I wanted to first address my struggles from last year.  Then maybe this will help me figure out a solution or perhaps a different point of view so I don't drive myself crazy.

1.  My weight
I know this is a hot topic for pretty much all women at the beginning of the year.  Its an uphill battle for me most days.  I start off good in the mornings and by evening I'm helping myself to two portions of dinner.  
In the words of Gru from Despicable Me 2 " Because my house is made of candy, and sometimes I eat instead of facing my problems! 

This year we started off by throwing out all junk food and white breads/flours, etc.
It's been a blast so far and the kids haven't thrown too much of a stink...can't say the same for my hubby.

2.  Home school

I love my little guys and homeschooling is really quite exciting.  I enjoy having a big part of what my kids learn and its watching them learn.  Today we started out with the number of the day and Will (my 5 year old) got it right away.  Normally he struggles with recognizing the numbers and putting two together right away.  Then from there we added more numbers on the board and he was getting into it...I love when he enjoys a lesson.  However his core teacher is constantly on me about his slow pace compared to where he needs to be a the end of the year.  I take offense to this most of the time as teaching my hyperactive child is a feat in and of itself.  We are lucky to get as much in as we do.  I have noticed when I overload or bombard him with lessons he gets confused and everything we worked on that day gets buried in his frustration.

This year I want to be more organized, more resourceful and dedicated to teaching my kiddos.  

3.  Like Father, Like Son

My boys are a great resource of my happiness.  I love our crazy days together!  That being said my husband and my eldest are easily distracted (ADHD, however only my husband has been formally diagnosed). My son displays classic signs however I feel no need to get diagnosed as we will not medicate.  Its very easy for my husband to think the same way as our son.  I on the other hand have no idea whats going on in his head.  Therefore I struggle with dealing with him and his thought process.

This year I want to be informed on what ADHD really is and how to combat it.
We've already implemented a gluten free, sugar free diet in order to see if that helps with his focus.

4.  Time

One thing I struggle with on a daily basis is time.  I believe we all struggle with this either with too much time or too little time.  For me its not enough hours in the day.  I thought after quitting my job in May that I would have oodles of time.  Wrong, in fact now I wonder how I ever had a part time job.

This year I plan to change my attitude towards squeezing it all in.  There are some things I don't have to get done and I need to let them go until there is time.  This of course is easier said than done but I believe I will have a bit more sanity if I can accomplish this one feat.  I want to enjoy the day and time with my family instead of fretting about finishing that project, hanging that laundry, etc.

After putting it all down on paper it seems like a heavy load to tackle in the New Year but most of it is an attitude adjustment I need to take on my part.  Perhaps just airing it has helped me address my struggles and from there I plan on tackling them...head on.

How about you?  What are you struggles or plans for the new year?

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