Jan 8, 2014

Easy Peasy Recipe: Whole Wheat Ravioli

Per our New Years resolution to get healthy we have been working on creating meals at home more often and with wiser choices.  So the kids and I whipped up some whole wheat raviolis yesterday.  They were um um good!!!

Easy Peasy Recipe
Whole Wheat Ravioli 

3 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
3/4 cup water

1. Clean a large work surface that will be large enough to roll out the dough. I actually used my kitchen table as it was pretty much the only large enough area for the kiddos and I to roll and work with the dough together.  We cleaned and then sprinkled flour on the surface

2. Mix flour & salt together in a pile on your surface.

3. Create a hole in the center and add the eggs.

4. Using your hands, knead the egg into the flour slowly.  Add water as you go a bit at a time til the consistency is a smooth ball of doll (make sure its not sticky)

5. Cover the dough with a slightly damp dishtowel to keep it from drying out while you make the fillings.

6. Cook and prepare the fillings as you'd like.  For this batch I used ground turkey, spinach and onion.

7. After 10-15 minutes your dough should be good to go.  Take the dough and cut it into four pieces.

8. Using a rolling pin (or in my case a glass cup) roll out one section of dough at a time.  Roll them pretty thin but not too thin that they break when being manipulated.

9. Then using another glass cup or round circle cookie cutter cut out 4-6 circles for each rolled dough.

10.  After you've cut out all your circles fill one side of each one with the filling.  Then fold the dough on top of the other using a small spot of water to seal the ravioli.  Then using a fork press the fork into the outer edge of the ravioli to make the seal nice and tight.

11. Place them on a floured pan and let dry for at least an hour before boiling them (until they float about 15 minutes) or before freezing til you are ready to use them.

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