Dec 22, 2013

Last Minute Christmas DIY

Every have a day that was just a D.I.Y. kind of day.
For me and my family that day just happened to be a few days before Christmas.
Here are a few pictures and I tried to link up to where I found the tutorial or idea for most of the projects.

This fun hanging Mason Jar wall decor I created for my sister.
This year we did a handmade gift exchange and I knew I wanted to make her something she could use daily.

I found the piece of fencing abandoned on the side of the road.
Then I sanded the rough edges out and painted using a YMC Stencil.
Then we added clamps & mason jars.

These little mice I remember making them with my mom.
So this year I made them with my kiddos.

These ornaments were created using a tutorial from Little Pink Studio

I had a few of these Martha Stewart notebooks laying around that I never got around to decorating.
So I combined them with some of my wooden name tags from past Queen Bee Markets.

This fun wreath I created for my craft shack.
I made it out of a straw wreath and a sweater filled with holes.

These frames I had so much fun creating!
I used some wood canvas blanks from Walmart then painted them and added the clothespins & burlap for embellishments.  

Nothing like squeezing a week's worth of DIY projects into one day.
Need a tutorial on any of these just comment and I'll oblige.

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