Oct 18, 2013

DIY Wood Pallet Bookshelves

The family and I are finally getting our place ready to move into.  The boys room is the only room in the house that is officially move in ready so we've started decorating and slowly moving furniture in. 

I knew I wanted something fun and slightly unusual for bookshelves in their room.  My brother in law had created a wooden pallet planter box for their own and I commissioned him to create a few for me to play around with and possibly use as bookshelves.  I adore the rough wooden look and they take up hardly any room and when you're house is teeny tiny you have to find creative ways to store everything.

How stinking cute are they?!!?  I love how they turned out and the kids can see all their books without hunting through a bookshelf trying to find one (okay 10) to read before bedtime.

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