Sep 27, 2013

DIY Halloween Snowglobes

I recently stumbled upon a mason jar filled with mini figurines.
Included were a few halloween themed ones so I set out to create a couple of Halloween shakers/snowglobes with them.

First I gathered my materials:

Mini Mason Jar with Handles & Lids
Mini Figurines
Black Glitter
Wooden Spools
Thick Plastic
Baker's Twine

Step 1:  Assemble & glue mini figurines to wooden spools
I put the inside before gluing to one another to make sure they would fit.

Step 2:  Glue the wooden spool base inside the jar.
I used large tweezers to get them inside the jar and then held the spool down for a bit so it would dry straight.

Step 3:  Cut & add a bit of plastic to the inside of the lid (this prevents the glitter from shaking out of the lid as mine were salt shaker lids).

Step 4:  Fill with glitter.

Step 5:  Put on lids & decorate jars with ribbon & twine.

Aren't they cute...I apologize for the poor pictures seems my camera doesn't do so well capturing images inside glass jars.  Bummer but they are super cute in person.

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