Jul 25, 2013

DIY Dollar Store Glittered Pumpkins

I am so intrigued by "Dollar Store Hacks" and I finally decided to tackle a project using supplies from the DollarTree.  I found these styrofoam pumpkins and purchased 3 of them.

Supply List:
Styrofoam Pumpkins
Mod Podge
Vintage Millinery

Step 1:  Cover the pumpkin in Mod Podge.
Step 2: Tear vintage paper/sheet music into strips.
Step 3: Adhere strips onto pumpkin.
Step 4: Cover Pumpkin with vintage paper.
Step 5: Coat with Mod Podge

Step 6: Sprinkle Pumpkin with glitter.
Step 7: Let Dry
Step 8: Insert vintage millinery into top of pumpkins.

I really like how these turned out a very simple DIY that makes a great decor item.

The 36th Avenue

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