Mar 7, 2013

Easy Peasy DIY Spring Garland

Easy Peasy DIY Banner

You will need:
Quilted Scraps (I found mine at the thrift store from a quilt someone abandoned)
Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun

I really don't have patience for sewing projects...probably because I am the worlds slowest when it comes to sewing.  So for this project I decided to cheat and use a hot glue gun. 

First layout your quilted scraps and pin onto twine where you would like them.

Then with hot glue gun fold over 1/2" fabric and glue to twine. 

Lastly create a cute little ribbon bow and glue onto top of fabric scrap.

Finally string it up on your mantle...above a window...table decor for easter!
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  1. Super cute :) I love using fabric for banners and/or garland. Thanks so much for linking up to the par-tay!! xo