Sep 1, 2012


This month I've decided to buckle down and post everyday (excluding weekends).
Can I do it?
What will I write about?
Can I handle this along with everything else?
Who will read it?
Is this even possible?

All these questions are swirling around in my head...along with ideas, deadlines, hoohum regular stuff and so much more! 
I've stared a simple calendar with ideas and different posts for Monday-Friday. 
Included are DIY, card posts, and a lot of blank days still. 

What do you do to motivate you?
Do you plan a month at a time?
Do you plan at all or just write on a whim?

1 comment:

  1. I'll read it! :-) I tend to post on my blog every few days and I have a regular feature every Tuesday. I try to mix it up in terms of subject matter, but always keeping in mind the overall theme of my blog. If I'm going to busy, there might be a week between posts but I try not to let it go longer than that. It's tough when you are starting out and feel like you are typing to no one, lol. will grow!!