Aug 31, 2012

Finally Friday Week Recap

Oh what a busy glorious week!!
My little guys are in school twice a week so I've actually got some alone time.

On Thursday I went and visited my grandmother in skilled nursing. 
I brought her some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins I baked using Rita Reade's recipe.
I put them on this fun souviner plate that I found at a thrift store for 10cents. 
She is born and raised in North Dakota so I thought I would bring her a little memory of home to her room.

My little terrors were thrilled with their new superhero shirts. 
Found them on the clearance rack at Target.

This is what they look like most of the time....a blur of craziness! 
Love them and their high energy!

I did a little DIY tin planter project.

Plus I found a few director's chairs that were in need of some TLC. 
They were $4 each at the thrift store and I've already recreated one of them.

I added some vintage doillies and lace and it turned out too cute to sit on!

Plus I've worked on orders and orders and I'm in the process of fufilling a huge wholesale order right now. 
Every moment is spent working!
Hope your week was productive as well.

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