Aug 8, 2012

Getting Over the Hump

Today is my catch up day...not ketchup but running errands, finishing projects, grocey shopping, thrift store hunting, dry clean dropping and oh so much more day!

So I'll start the day off with doing a little "ketchup" blogging.

First off i've been working on projects galore. 
Some fabric scrap preparation for the fall show lineup.

And this fun pile I snagged up at a garage sale for $4 for all of it!  I've put the large soup bowl & serving platter to use already in my craft shack and decided to create a fun dessert stand with the rest.

Isn't it great what a little E6000 can do!

These cute mason jars were actually some wedding favors we left with on Saturday.  They have found the perfect home housing my pens, pencils, scissors and other important tools of the glue.

And then the fun stuff.  I had over 4 jars and one huge box full of buttons. 
Now I'm down to one large jar and one small.
I didn't even know I had that many buttons and remember I don't sew!
Amazes me that I'm such a hoarder when it comes to vintage and craft items....paper, fabric, buttons, lace...all so addicting.  Yet I always justify it by saying "I can use this...someday"

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  1. SO pretty! I would love if you link this to the Mega jar link party on my blog!