Aug 6, 2012

Bow Tie Bandwagon

Okay so I was totally against bow ties when I saw an abundance of them at the Queen Bee Market in June.  However I think they've seeped into my subconsious while I sleep and dream of bowties everywhere. 
So of course I started creating them!!
Wanted to use some of my Stampin Up Fabric stash for my most recent workshop. 
Love how cute and the colors work with so many outfits.

This ruffled garland will actually be attached to my tablecloths for my fall show lineup (which is crazy!!!).
I had some vintage lace that I layered upon each other used some glue to adhere to each other and then safter pinned the bow ties on so that I can remove them and add something else to the lace later.

Cute bow tie paper clip.

Then I created a bunch more bow ties for decor and gifts for friends. 
Plus I'm thinking about offering them for sale at the Harvest Festival in Del Mar.

How cute are they in my vintage prewetts bread tin I found for 50cents this week??

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