Jul 25, 2012

Preparation for Fall

In order to maintain my sanity this fall season I've decided to create a "look" board for me to work off of so that all my decor/creations flow.  With the upcoming shows and my new booth at Granny's Attic I've got to work on a theme I can use in them all.  So I sat down and picked out paper, fabric and a few other snippets to create my Fall Look.  Now I thought I'd share a few photos of my "look" board.

I wanted a simple fall look with an emphasis on Back to School, camping and by the wildlife.  I've been hoaring vintage Thermoses, football team pennants and anything plaid.  So hoping to bring that all together at my first show of the fall season "The Vintage Marketplace".

How do you create?  Do you make a mood board, keep a notebook or have an amazing memory?? 
Let me know will ya!

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