Jul 16, 2012

My Calico Kitty

Happy Monday!

While cruising up and down the aisle of one of my favorite thrift shops I spy'd with my little eye this adorable calico kitty.  It's nice and heavy like a doorstop and cute like a show stopper!  So when I got home I did a little photoshop with "Cocoa".  I gathered up a few other items I found that day and set up a teeny tiny session.  My kiddos love the typewriter...they keep typing away on it even though the ink is practically dried up and you can barely see what you've just typed. 

If you've been directed from My Desert Cottage and are looking for my "craft shack" post and photos click here.

Meow for now.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this collection of blues.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Jessica.