May 29, 2012

Sweet Carolina

After a quick two day jaunt to London my husband and I headed to Black Mountain, North Carolina. Which is basically the town before Asheville, North Carolina home to the Biltmore Estate. We were in North Carolina to attend the wedding of our dear friends Will & Nora. Asheville was a very fun town with so much to do. We also did a bit of shopping in Black Mountain...which is also a quaint little summer town. On Friday I dropped my husband off with the boys and took off on a shopping trip. My first stop was The Tobacco Barn Antique Shop. It was an old Tobacco Barn turned Antique store. HUGE!!! So much to see and oh my goodness if I didn't want to purchase everything. I am bringing home a few goodies which will be available for sale at the Vintage Marketplace this weekend. Here are a few pictures from the shop.
A few shots of us on this trip. We took full advantage of our time together and relaxation. I think I read 6 books on this quick 6 day trip. Even got in a quick free concert in the park on one evening.


  1. That's such a gorgeous picture of the scenery with you on the porch. So gorgeous. That's one thing about the midwest and east coast, the green and such pretty scenery.
    My husband was a trucker which I took advantage of by going with him every chance I got. It was hard for me to go back home after I'd been with him for a few weeks. Who wants to go home to cook, clean, do laundry after traveling the country and not having any responsibilities? I was what is known by truckers as a professional passenger. We have some wonderful memories of places we've seen and people met. We also lived in KY for five years, we live in CO now. I think I might be part gypsy as I love to see different places. No more tho hubby says. I would so love to travel to England, Wales, places close to there. I love books by English authors.
    Before we lived in KY we lived in MT for 7 years, before that 21 yrs. in San Diego area, before that Tucson, AZ for 20 years, I was born in Cleveland, OH and moved to Tucson when I was 10 yrs. old.

  2. Sorry I got off on other subject. Boy who couldn't go crazy in that market. When I traveled with hubby we'd stop at an antique mkt. when we could/had time. There is nothing like that here in Grand Junction, CO area. We've been here since Aug., 2004, there's never been an antique show or anything like it.