May 29, 2012

London Calling

On Sunday my hubby and I returned from a whirlwind trip. First a quick stop in London (2 days) and then onto North Carolina for a wedding. Today's post I'll just focus on London and then onto North Carolina in the next post. London was fantastic...expensive but fun. The best part is how smoothly their public transportation runs. You can pretty much get everywhere using the Underground or the bus system. They even have bikes you can ride to get around...crazy cool. This wasn't my first trip to London but it was my husbands. He was slightly in awe of the age of everything. We had a great time although next time we will hopefully get a few more days to travel.
My husband and I went to a cute pub near our hotel. Something Cross. The bartender dropped some of my change into my husbands beer. And of course he still drank his Guiness...can't let it go to waste.
Oh yeah....we are tourists!!
Taking a much needed break on the lawn in one of the many parks in London.
A View of Big Ben taken from the yard of Westminister Abbey.
My hubby the confused tourist.
Cheers! Jolly Good!

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