Jan 14, 2014

Easy Peasy DIY: Yarn Wrapped Letters

Easy Peasy DIY Tutorial
Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

Recently I inherited a big box of yarn and I knew I would be creating all kinds of goodies!
My first project that I tackled was a set of yarn wrapped cardboard letters to add to my kitchen decor.
It's a very easy tutorial...piece of cake, easy peasy!

Supplies: yarn, cardboard (I used a box from the recycling bin), printed letters, hot glue, scissors.

1.  Print letters to desired size...then cut out.
2.  Place letter on top of cardboard, trace with pencil and cut out.

4.  Glue yarn around edges of the carboard letter.

5.  This part is tedious but it turns out super cute.  Wrap away!
I kind of liked the chunky feel of the yarn in some spots so I would wrap a few extra times on the corners.

My finished "Cheers" turned out just perfect for our kitchen.
It added a bit of "pop" to our slightly neutral color scheme which I've been trying to lighten up.

Playing Along:

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