Jan 27, 2014

Creative Tea Time Jan 2013 Recap

Oh my word how do I even begin to describe the amazing time I had at Creative Tea Time.
Let's put it this way I felt like Rapunzel running around through the forest proclaiming "Best Day Ever!!!!!!" without any of the guilt and seriously in a way cuter setting.
Here is a little recap of the lovely day...warning totally picture heavy post you will be jealous.

Look how lovely all the settings were!!  I didn't want to eat with these lovely dishes...however I also couldn't pass up the amazing food.  The Potato Cheddar soup, sausage biscuits...cupcakes by Kelly (Once upon a Cupcake)

The tower of giveaways...yes this table and ladder were loaded with great items from so many shops.
I won a stinking gorgeous necklace from Jill's Eclectic Designs and a Artsy Crush subscription from Artsy Anthropology!  Needless to say I am thrilled!!

How gorgeous was the supply station.  We had more than enough supplies and so many lovely fabrics, ribbons, buttons, yarn, etc to create with!!

My sister and I ready to get our craft on.

The projects were fantastic...we got to choose 4 out of 6 potential projects.
Pictures of my completed projects.
Shabby Chandelier's!!

My sister and I posing with our shabby chandelier's.
Aren't they adorable...great idea...thanks girls!!

Mounted Mason Jar...isn't it so fun and funky!!

Embellished Tea Towel

This was just a little extra project I did with a bit of extra time.
My simple Valentines day decor item.

Plus we created a sharpie mug...just forgot to take pictures.
Here are a few other ladies projects that I snuck some pictures of.

My sister scarfing down a cupcake...sooooo yummy!
Carrying all her loot from CTT in her Stitched bag.

Some serious swag from the amazing sponsors.

One of the many amazing items in the swag bags was this mini heart garland from Red Barn Loft.
Totally in love with it and it went up immediately in the craft shack.

Thank you again Meagan, Tracy & LeAnn for an amazing and glorious day!
So looking forward to the next Creative Tea Time!!!


  1. Seriously LOVE your tea towel!! It was such a great day! I went on Saturday. Maybe at the next one, we will get to finally meet. I love the pendant banner in my swag bag! It's currently in the craft room but I'm thinking about putting it in the kitchen or living room...so many decisions. ;)

  2. How funny I love your tea towel too super cute!! Love your recap!! Beautiful pictures lovely!

  3. Wish we could've been there on the same day! But can't wait to craft with you again at Craftastic!