Jun 5, 2013

Vintage Marketplace June 2013

Had an amazing show this weekend at The Vintage Marketplace.
Thank you Rita & Christie for putting on the most amazing Vintage Market!

I've got a few pictures of my booth and I'll also be posting tomorrow on a few of the other booths that caught my eye.  As you can see in my first picture it was jammed packed with tons of stuff. 
I love collecting and creating for this show almost as much as I love shopping & selling here.
My booth before the chaos began.

Everything in these pictures....gone gone gone.

I loved this ladder and guess what its gone.  As is everything else in the picture.

A few more photos however looks like I really didn't take any of the inside of my booth this show. 
It was incredibly bright and hot the first two days and the third I was too lazy to take photos.
Day 2

I was scrambling trying to make my booth look fuller on the start of the 2nd day. 
I can't even begin to tell you how empty it looked on the 3rd day.

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