Oct 2, 2012

Old Boots

My grandmother recently gave me a bunch of cowboy boots. 
They are so well worn and I love them but what to do with them. 
I lined them up and took some lovely photos but now I know I need to do something with them.

Should I fill them with flowers?

Make them into a crazy fun table?

Bead them (although this does seem like it would take way to long)

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  1. I love those cowboy boots just lined up under your bench! Visiting from "A Stroll Through Life"'s Tabletop Tuesday. Cheers!

  2. During the fall season, they'd look great on some scarecrows. :-) I love them.

  3. These are great ol boots!!!

    I wanted to post a link to your blog with the picture I used of your sweet booth- would you happen to know the addy of the post that had this picture in? Or which blog address would I link to as you have several? Sure want to give you proper credit for your darlin space!

    bee blessed

  4. Thanks so much just link it to my blog address

    Thanks again for adding it to your lovely blog. Love following along on the booth styling series.