May 1, 2012

Container Build Post 1

So after years of planning my husband and I are starting to build a container home. We are using two 40 foot shipping containers and an array of items that have been salvaged from other builds. Trying to be EcoFriendly and of course wallet friendly. I will be taking photos as the build progresses and posting them here on the blog. My husband and his friend poured the footings for the container over the weekend.
Of course I am filling my head with so many "ideas" for the decor. Found a little moodboard today with a few bathroom decor items I would love! Since we are designing in such a small space its going to take some planning in order to get everything into our small quarters.
Added a few new events to the event page including the upcoming Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad. Now I've got two shows in the same weekend. It's going to take some juggling and planning on my part but hopefully it will be fruitful.
Till Next Time

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